I am The Rebellion.

With these words Jetebais laments his choice to leave heaven forever.

“I, Jetebais” is more than just a book about Good versus Evil. This book explores the concept of how human arrogance can blind one to the outside intrusion of evil.

It can even fool those who we look up to as the very representation of what should be good – leaders in the worlds of both politics and religion.


By way of exordium, I tell you that I cling to these few words given to Daniel, and though he wrote them down for neither me nor others of my kind, my brethren, still they were meant for children of The Father, were they not? Yet I have no right to Daniel’s inspiration. I have no claim to mercy nor forgiveness, for my own rebellion defies such words.


Indeed, I am the rebellion. The murderous agony humankind has at once caused and endured through your entire history is mine. I carry it. I suffer it. I kindled it! I nurtured it as you would avidly tend a favored grove of fruit trees, pruning, fertilizing to achieve the sweetest, deadliest harvest, an ingathering of blood and pleasure, a cold, sadistic Bacchanalian celebration of human mortification and decay. This is our Eucharist, the elements of agony and anguish prepared and consecrated by me! So it remains for my brethren. Not for me. No longer for me.


And here I am come to this, my confession: the least I can do and all I have to offer. The irony of mankind as my confessor is not lost on me, nor is the unlikelihood of forgiveness, though so driven am I to seek it, to plead for it, or finally to achieve an end – the damnation I deserve and once so assiduously sought for you. If by that road I could deliver you from us, I would walk it willingly.


May these brazen words of repentance reach you and may the one true Confessor choose to hear. I first betrayed Him. Then you. And now a third.

Praise for “I, Jetebais”

This book is in a class all of its own…

I would agree that the beginning writings are a challenge to read. At first, I thought it was a PhD level “read” !

After I got into the book, it became apparent to me, that the beginning language and dialogue was the only way that this could have been written. It would not have made any sense coming from one of the main characters to have spoken in any other manner.

The book is intriguing and keeps one guessing the “who, what and when” throughout. It certainly makes one think.


Gramma Suzu

While the concepts and comparisons require readers to bring their best in theology…

Don’t let the opening fool you. This book that echoes Eco includes mystery, intrigue of the highest order (as in Satan etal.), seduction, possession, and treachery. This new author employs many voices to explore the evils that fallen angels perpetrate on themselves and humans. While the concepts and comparisons require readers to bring their best in theology, psychology, history, and vocabulary, the book is worth it.


Amazon Customer

Can All be Forgiven?

The eternal question of man: Is God truly forgiving? Is there anyone so evil that God’s love and forgiveness is denied to that person no matter that there is true repentance? Can Satan himself be outwitted? These are the core questions at the heart of this breathtaking debut novel by the very talented Robert Martin Bishop. Be prepared to want to read “I, Jetebais” in one sitting with a dictionary and Bible close at hand. In the course of challenging his readers to rethink everything they thought they knew about about Satan and his followers and the evil that stalks mankind, Mr. Bishop also challenges his readers with some scholarly vocabulary and character names that all have biblical references. Taking the time to look these names up in the Bible allows the reader find a deeper level of richness added to an already multi-layered tale. Mr. Bishop’s concept is highly original and gripping, his voice resonant and refreshing, and the walk with Jetebais himself deeply moving and intriguing.



I don’t think I’ve ever read a more important book,

especially for our times. The book begins with the terrible sadness and remorse of the main character (Jetebais, a fallen angel) as he begins to dictate (to a sleeping priest) a confession of his sins against God and humanity. His goal is to expose Satan and save humanity from him. Jetebais’ description of Creation makes one wonder if the author himself were a witness to it!
Soon, POV changes as the priest wakes to Jetebais and he becomes a full partner in this amazing enterprise. The characters – both human and supernatural – really came alive for me.
I don’t want to say too much, but the ending floored me. I read this over two days because I couldn’t put it down.


Alan Charles

A fantastically written book that keeps the reader in suspense the entire way through.

The ending is one to ponder on, and a great philosophical and theological amount of knowledge has been shared and stored in this novel. It provides the reader with much to think about, and perhaps even reevaluate their own beliefs and values. Overall, a unique and fresh approach in questioning human morality and is highly relevant in today’s society.



Careful… this book could challenge all you have ever believed.

Interesting reading . This book is bound to generate a ton of controversy as the author takes a jab at politics, religious beliefs of most faiths and other ecclesiastical truths. A must read for our times.


Tracy Jenner

It is a brilliant work and extremely well written.

I have to admit I did not know what I was getting into when I started this book. The beginning, for some reason, was challenging until I got into it. Then the beginning made total sense. The book is captivating and hard to put down. The characters come to life and the story certainly keeps you thinking. It is a brilliant work and extremely well written.



The author does a great job engaging the reader.

Extremely well written!!! The author does a great job engaging the reader. I just passed this on to my wife and she can’t put it down.


Amazon Customer

I really enjoyed reading this book and have recommended it to all…

I really enjoyed reading this book and have recommended it to all of my friends and even strangers. It’s an easy read yet keeps your mind entertained and begging for more information.


Amazon Customer

I like a book that gets me thinking a little…

and keeps me wondering what is going to happen. This new fiction novel by new writer Robert Martin Bishop was fun to read the first time through. After finishing it, I realized I had a lot of questions and found myself often thinking about it. The second time I read it through, I enjoyed reading subtle meaning and observations.



Five Stars

Great read.


Amazon Customer

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