I, Jetebais

How can a fallen angel achieve
redemption after rebellion?

Human arrogance, the Papacy, and
Good versus Evil collide in this
contemporary suspense novel by
Robert Martin Bishop.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a more important book, especially for our times.

The book begins with the terrible sadness and remorse of the main character (Jetebais, a fallen angel) as he begins to
dictate (to a sleeping priest) a confession of his sins against God and humanity. His goal is to expose Satan and save
humanity from him. Jetebais’ description of Creation makes one wonder if the author himself were a witness to it!

Soon, POV changes as the priest wakes to Jetebais and he becomes a full partner in this amazing enterprise.
The characters – both human and supernatural – really came alive for me.

I don’t want to say too much, but the ending floored me. I read this over two days because I couldn’t put it down.

Alan Charles

He calls himself the Rebellion, a wayward angel who chooses to betray the pure will of God for the power-hungry nature of his fellow fallen angel, Lucifer/Satan.

Yet, Jetebais has a bigger rebellion to handle than he previously intended in I, Jetebais, the new Christian novel by author Robert Martin Bishop. Jetebais chooses an embattled priest, named Thaddeus, to dictate his confession to God to, while Jetebais is in disguise.

However, Thaddeus becomes aware of Jetebais’ true form and quickly becomes the number one target of Satan’s legions for his discovery. This leads to Jetebais seeking to protect Thaddeus, who he nicknames as Paul, from Satan and later agreeing to his help to fight Satan. Protecting Paul fuels Jetebais’ mission to expose Satan for his disguised tactics and sin pitfalls, saving humankind in the process as well.

For Paul, the sinful strategies of Satan have always been known by him and he realizes more and more that he is an epic battle of sorts, but the battle is not between God and Satan.

I, Jetebais is a suspense-filled journey of faith: focusing not only on the pitfalls of sin that people can fall into, but also the power of God’s love and His omniscient awareness of what purposes are best suited for humans and angels.

Those who love religious mysteries, such as Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, will enjoy the Catholicism attributes of the book, especially the appearances of two popes in the story. Readers will also appreciate the firsthand account in the novel of several religious and historical events, such as the beginning of creation, Fall of Man and frequent ways God and His angels interact with humans.

I, Jetebais will prompt many readers to review their own relationships with Christ and see where they may need an angel to guide them away from sin.

Careful, this book could challenge all you have ever believed.

Interesting reading . This book is bound to generate a ton of controversy as the author takes a jab at
politics, religious beliefs of most faiths and other ecclesiastical truths. A must read for our times.

Tracy Jenner

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